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Coronene I have been reading about the PAH world hypothesis, and have come to see it as an intriguing indicator of the potentially hexagonal origins of life on earth.

Essentially, it is conjectured that, since polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are among the most common spaceborne molecules in the known universe, they would have likely been a constituent in the primordial seas of Earth, where they could have provided some sort of scaffolding or template on which early biological polymers such as RNA could assemble, thus solving a frequently-raised objection to the RNA world hypothesis that RNA is too fragile and transient to survive long outside of an extant cell or similar protective environment. By providing a structural backbone on which reasonably complex RNA strands and such could self-assemble, the PAH world would have given early pre-cellular life a fighting chance of finding its way into protective lipid bubbles, weird mineral formations, or what have you, where given enough replicative iterations it presumably developed into proper cellular life as we know it.

Benzene I find this fascinating on any number of levels, of course. The idea that life itself originated from some sort of hexagonal template certainly has profound implications for the entire hexagonal agenda. But beyond that, I find it interesting to speculate that perhaps, in some sense, this PAH world was itself the origin of some sort of self-organizing Gaian mind responsible for directing the establishment of life on our planet. If we accept (and I don't know "we" do) that the Earth, with its various chemical and thermodynamic systems, constitutes some sort of dissipative system capable of emergent complexity, and if we further accept that in its formative years the Earth was heavily populated with hexagonal hydrocarbons, it is not too much of a stretch to suppose that the presence of said hydrocarbons provided a sort of hexagonal intelligence around which some form of conscious agency could manifest, producing life, as well as perhaps directing other planetary forces, all presumably to carry out its hexagonal will. Perhaps the PAH world itself constituted some sort of planetary overmind (or even, if you will, a "PAH wraith"), responsible for directing the hexagonal organization of life on earth to this very day. In this respect it is worth noting McKenna's conjecture that the flying saucer phenomenon could be some form of hyperspatial projection of the planetary overmind (True Hallucinations), since the saucer itself can be shown to display a certain hexagonal structure of its own. (I don't personally subscribe to Terence's peculiar eschatological views, but I think his ideas about the saucer as some sort of lenticular hyperspatial projection into spacetime are dead on, and could perhaps be symptomatic of a deeper hexagonal intelligence at work on our planet, and indeed throughout the entire universe.)

It is certainly possible that the hexagonal geometry of aromatic hydrocarbons is entirely incidental to their potential role in the origin of life (which itself of course is only a hypothesis at this point). However, the highly hexagonal nature of the electron resonance in aromatic rings suggests to me that there is more at work here than accidental geometry. Indeed, is it not possible, nay plausible, that the hexagonal structure of life itself preceded the manifest universe as we know it, and that the laws of organic chemistry—as well as the rest of the physical universe—simply fell into place later, under human observation, as an elaboration on an underlying, unitary hexagonal principle?

Probably not.

In a related matter, several stories relating to the ongoing research of graphene have been in the hexagonal news of late:

Anthracene This would probably be an opportune time to point out that, though I am knowledgeable enough to bullshit my way through an intelligent discussion on a great number of subjects, I really don't understand organic chemistry that well at all. Which is to say, I mean, I understand it in general, but I've never actually studied it, either formally or informally. If there are any organic chemist types reading this who would be interested in propounding on the hexagonal nature of their work (with or without a hexagonal overmind), would be happy to provide them with a forum to do so. FTVW!


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Bucky balls from outerspace. Mamamia.

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Bucky balls from outerspace. Mamamia.