The following is a selection of interesting hexagon-related videos embedded from around the internet—mostly from Youtube. This page doesn't really fit into the established organizational structure of this site in any meaningful way, and is arguably not particularly comprehensive or useful.

C60, The Buckminsterfullerene


Face Centered Cubic Structure

This short video demonstrates both the hexagonal "layer" structure as well as the cubic unit cell structure of the face-centered cubic system:

Bubble Packing Dynamics

In this video we see demonstrated one of the fundamental principles underlying the ubiquity of hexagons in the natural world: Individual bubbles, in attempting to approximate spherical enclosures of their volumes while being pushed up against neighboring bubbles, naturally tend towards a hexagonally-packed configuration. The same general behavior is seen in such diverse phenomena as hexagonal convection cells, hexagonal arrangements in plant and animal structures, and so on. See also: Weaire-Phelan structure.

Flower of life standing wave (cymatics)

This is one of a series of cymatic wave videos by kelemengabi.

Origami Basics: Hexagon

This video provides a pertinent and informative introduction to constructing hexagonal geometries from square precursors:

Seasame Street: Geometry of Circles

I have linked to the following video from elsewhere on this site, but it bears repeating here:

Hexapod: Best of Dance 2010

Sacred Geometry: Metatron's Cube

This video is part of a series on sacred geometry by CGimaging.

Carbon Nanotubes

I don't actually spend that much time perusing online videos, so if you know of an embeddable hexagon-related video that might make a relevant addition to this page, please contact us. Thank you.