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External resources affiliated with

The following is a list of web presences affiliated with the Global Hexagonal Awareness Project, which you may or may not find links to elsewhere on the site:

Some browser-based apps we have made:

  • Hexular Studio — A hexagonal cellular automaton media platform
  • Minhalma — Sternhalma aka "Chinese Checkers" game

Sites related to hexagons

If you are interested in learning more about hexagons, and what have you, here are some other resources vaguely related to our concerns:

There seem to be a lot of hexagonal web games in Java and Flash these days. The following is "list" of such games. I will add to it as I run across them. I don't play many games though.

The following is a selection of interesting websites and other online resources that I consider highly hexagonal in nature, though not necessarily about hexagons or hexagonal things per se.

In a similar vein, the following are some important resources related to the preservation of honeybees, which has become of course a matter of great import to the hexagonal awareness community, as well as, like, other living things on the planet.

Some interesting and useful hexapod-related resources. While we of course prefer regularly-hexagonal hexapods for a variety of reasons, it is worth remembering that all hexapods operate on fundamentally hexagonal principles, and their utility ought rightly be considered an extension of hexagonal superiority, even in their most retrograde, orthogonal arrangements.

Sites about dozenals

Other interesting mathematical sites

Some math blogs and such:

Scientific and mathematical papers

Please be advised that several other interesting papers are stored locally in our Library.

Ontological and esoteric concerns

Blogs and periodicals of varying degrees of pertinence

Some interesting podcasts having little to do with hexagons

A further selection of interesting Wikipedia articles