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I want to take a moment to consider the conspicuous return recently of the so-called hexagon "trend." We first wrote about this phenomenon in a fairly forgettable post from 2010, but in the past year or so it seems to have resurfaced, more forcefully and more explicitly than ever, and we would be remiss in our obligations to the hexagonal community if we did not at least make note of it.

I don't really feel like carrying on with any sort of extended commentary on the matter this time—the trend speaks for itself, and its merits should be obvious to even the most casual adherent to hexagonal principles. It will suffice, therefore, to simply compile a list of recent articles on the subject, and let the reader draw what conclusions they will from them. Though it should be understood of course that we don't see this as a "trend" so much as a central—indeed, perhaps the central—turning point in the entire enterprise of human civilization. Our proverbial children and grandchildren, looking back on this era, will not be asking about the time hexagons were "trending," they will be asking about the time hexagons, as a concept, were finally rising above the clutter and minutiae of the collective human memescape to turn the very course of human civilization, putting us on our inevitable path towards a glorious and unimaginable hexagonal destiny.

We are aware of course that some of these resources—though certainly not all—appear somewhat, I don't know, content-farmish at best, and some seem to be involved in affiliate marketing programs, &c. Regardless, what is noteworthy here is their explicit acknowledgement of a "hexagonal trend," along with some degree of explanation for or defense of the same—whether in some cases this is just done as a circuitous ploy to sell earrings or bookshelves or something I don't really care. One way or another it speaks to a deeper truth about hexagons' rising prominence in our society, which is clearly a matter of great import to us all.

Here are several other recent articles that don't really fit into the explicit "trend" category I am trying to highlight in this post, but that nonetheless explicitly concern themselves with the hexagonal concept and aesthetic, and may be drawing from or indeed feeding the popular momentum surrounding the hexagon right now:

If for some reason I have missed any similar, recent (circa 2012-2013) content the reader is aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us, and I will happily amend this list. (Though there seems to be a whole subset of posts out there specific to "scrapbooking" that I've tried to avoid, since it seems to be its own thing to some extent.) Thank you.



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