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In this screenshot of the Treaty of Armens from the TNG episode The Ensigns of Command, we see the Sheliak version of the treaty alongside the "English" (or if you will "Federation Standard") version. Note that the Sheliak, who apparently consider themselves intellectually superior to humanoids, seem to have developed some sort of flowing-hexagon-based communication system. This is probably why they consider themselves superior. If the settlers of Tau Cygna V had developed a similarly hexagonal way of life, one can only imagine how things could've worked out differently for them.

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Sheliak regard of Humans

Submitted by bert_visscher - 2015-08-20 14:23

"The Sheliak consider Humans a lower lifeform." I think it's unlikely that the different text is the reason for it. Therefore, we should not expect the Sheliak to hold the Humans in higher regard, if the form of Human text were similar to that of the Sheliak.