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Here we photo of a hexayurt built for Burning Man, assembled in a backyard somewhere north of Davis Square, and a diagram of standard hexayurt dimensions provided by the Hexayurt Project.

The hexayurt is a perfect example of the simplicity and efficiency of hexagonal architecture. By assembling simple siding elements at efficient, strong, and durable sixty degree angles, one can easily build low-cost, low-maintenance hexagonal structures that can last for years if not decades. The hexayurt pictured was made out of foam insulation board and assembled with packing tape, but more permanent structures can be made with plywood, screws, &c.

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you have such a great site about hexagonetry ! thanks for noticing the hexagon city in libya, what's the deal with that?! any new news?

found this cool thing about hexagonal urban lifestyles from the mit archives, i'll put it in the url field.

have a hexagonal day, j