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I am informed by some interblags that March is Hexagonal Awareness Month. After some reflection, I have decided that yes, we will go with this.


Please spread the word far and wide, that all may learn of hexagons and be aware of them. Also, feel free to use this tasteful logo I just made to celebrate this august occasion.


Re: Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me

Submitted by gerard - 2016-06-25 11:57

Can any one here help me with this vision?

Geometrical shape vision 2016-06-25 04:38

Okay first of all this vision that I had last night was right before I woke. So, I remembered it. It is a very interesting vision.

Now as a vision does.. it opens in an instance.. and the person having the vision is thrust into the vision.

Suddenly I was in this quite beautiful landscape of what looked like a mountain region.. I remember a lot of dirt on the ground.. not grass, not hard cement.. but there was houses around.. and trees.

I was suddenly looking up into a night sky..

Now, there were 2 sides of what can only be explained to be "at war with each other".. I want to explain these two sides ..

One was a dark trail of smoke that would explode and send a cluster of smoky trailes toward the other side.. (was a night sky but illuminated as if by a bright moon).

These dark smoky things made so much noise like rockets, missiles.. so loud, so much force.. and there were explosions!!

Now let me tell you about my affect while watching this in the sky.. then I will detail the other 'side' in this war.

My affect was completely calm and almost unmoved really. I was just watching it and seeing all the things happening up there.. but I felt no danger down below.. nothing was falling to the ground.. this 'war' was just raging up in the heavens..

Interesting side note: While watching this there were others also there watching.. all our heads were looking up at this. I thought to take out my phone and record it. I remember pulling my phone out and going so quickly into 'record video 'mode.. and I did it quickly.. as I feared it would stop before I could record it. But no, it wasn't stopping at all!! This war was going on full force.

So, this other thing in the sky that was battling.. I want to describe this.

I want you to imagine in your mind a very bright white thick arrow. Then at the bottom flat part of that arrow.. bulge out a round base.... so that the base is round.. and then becomes straight up to where the arrow is. And imagine that you are looking up at the sky and seeing this 'arrow' it is not 'thin' it is 'thick' .. it is like a neon white glow..

Now in this round base of the arrow.. is what I would say was a 'hexagonal' hole in that round part of the base... And this 'thing' was turning so fast and there were quite a few of them up there.. I saw them all turning and also moving across the sky.. as if to intercept and cause these black smoky streams to explode.

It was actually beautiful to see and hear..

But it was also a very mysterious vision to have just like that.. out of the blue..

Of course the first thing I thought of was "The War in The Heavens"

Then I woke... but I remembered it clearly.

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Re: Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me

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Re: Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me

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nice 1, m8

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ty for spreading the word