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Today would be a good day I think to take a break from not-updating this site to remind everyone that this year's Hexagon Project at Interdependence Day Scranton is currently underway. I hadn't been planning on writing another post about it this year, but of late I received this lovely promotional poster, which I thought at least worth relaying to the wider hexagonal community. In commemoration of this year's festivities, I have also added to the Hexagonal Library a PDF of a presentation by Hexagon Day organizer Beth Burkhauser to the National Art Education Conference, "Global Interdependence and Art Education: Where Hexagons Make the Connection." More musings on the project can also be found in last year's blog post on the subject. In general of course HEXNET.ORG supports all efforts to relate the civic virtues of hexagons to their more familiar geometric ones, as both are clearly manifestations of the same unified underlying reality.

I don't really understand the scope or scale of the exhibit aspect of the project, having never attended myself, but it seems these HEXAGONS are on display at a venue in Scranton by the name of Artworks, which I gather keeps irregular or minimal hours or something. The website says it is open Tuesday – Friday, 11:00 – 5:00, but the Facebook event says that if you want to visit during the week you should contact them first. So I don't know what to believe, but it's evidently only up until 13 September, so if you're in the area (that is, eastern Pennsylvania or the degenerate regions of New York), you will probably want to hit it up next weekend or something. ("Interdependence Day" itself falls on 12 September, which is the following Monday.)

It is unclear what the exact dynamic is between the Hexagon Project and individual student participants (specifically those in the United States), but it goes without saying of course that HEXNET.ORG strongly disapproves of compulsory education in all its insidious forms, and would like to see participation in this sort of program dictated wholly by individual motivation rather than mandated by classes, school systems, or what have you. That being said, if our children are going to be forcibly indoctrinated in soul-crushing prisons during the best years of their lives, we think it is a capital idea that they at least be instilled with proper hexagonal virtues in the process.

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