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I first became aware of the Hexagonismo y Arquitectura blog earlier this week, when I saw it on a list of traffic sources to this site. At first I didn't know what to make of it, being a bit too Iberian for my linguistic competencies, but upon further inspection it seemed to be affiliated with a "Hexagonismo" movement operating out of Ibiza, more of whose work, I think, can be found at [Edit 2013-11: This site unfortunately seems defunct at this point.]

This is of course exactly the sort of thing I've wanted to do here since last winter's restructuring, and some of what I've been attempting to do with my Hexagonal Awareness Project reblog on Tumblr. Indeed, if I can figure out a way to integrate these blogs into our increasingly baroque feed system, I would love to syndicate them here, as they clearly represent a central nexus of the global hexagonal movement at this point.

Conversely, they also seem to feature a syndicated feed block of several of our "recent" posts, and a link to our front page as "Culto al Hexagono." If anyone from over there is reading this: Greetings from the Cult of the Hexagon! Viva el hexagono. Makes me feel sort of awkward about not posting anything here for like three months.

As I think I've been alluding to for some time, I will have more to say on the emerging HEXAGONAL art movement in the future, once I've sorted through more of the data (which will no doubt be any day now). I hope to help develop some sort of integrated global dialogue to further promote these hexagonal tendencies wherever they may arise. Certainly it is of the utmost importance for the future of HEXAGONAL CONSCIOUSNESS that we disparate supporters of hexagonal principles unite and start collaborating and sharing ideas as soon as possible.