By Graham
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Okay. A lot has happened since I last posted here. I got a degree in computer science, changed careers, become a full-time hexagonal artist. Society has obviously collapsed into a surreal hellscape that would've struck me as beyond parody nine years ago. So it goes. Suffice to say that although I've continued my hexagonal work, I've also clearly drifted away from the Hexnet brand identity, and for various reasons don't think I really want to use it going forward. I keep this site up because I get a lot of feedback from ppl who say they enjoy it, and because it remains, content-wise, my most substantive web presence. Nonetheless, this site sort of gelled at a point in my life and in my personal hexagonal process that I'm clearly never going back to, and is thus now more of an artifact than a living presence.

In light of this, as of today — November 8th, 2022 — is moving to a static archive form. All remaining form, search, &c. functionality will be removed. My hand here was largely forced by the fact that the ancient version of Rails I wrote this site in now literally no longer can be made to work on modern Linux systems, and the upgrade path to a version that can run — maybe — on a modern system is now too steep and convoluted to take on. (I somewhat regret that my last post here was extolling the virtues of Rails, because I've come to deeply regret making this site in Rails, and have developed a fairly dim view of Ruby as a language and as an ecosystem. Not going off on another web dev tangent here tho.)

Importantly, I am retaining the database for this site, and my plan is at some point to migrate it to a modern backend setup using e.g. Node or something. When I do so it will probably be under a different name, more in tune with my present pan-hexagonal branding efforts, but I'll definitely put up proper 301s etc. from when that time comes.

For the past two years or so I've been putting out hexagonal generative art under the Hexagon Truth identity. There's a long story behind that that I won't get into here, but the upshot is for various reasons I'm presently consolidating most of my personal creative output under that name. I still use the broader "Hexagonal Awareness Project" styling for my more idk educational and philosophical work such as e.g. this site, and if and when the content here returns in some changed form it will probably still be under the aegis of the broader hexagonal awareness movement in some capacity.

Some more links for anyone interested in continuing to follow the hexagonal work going forward:

In particular please consider joining the Discord. It's not a particularly active server but it does presently represent something like the beating heart of the global hexagonal movement, such as I am aware of it anyway.

Finally, I just want to thank, again, everyone who has randomly written to me, or showed up on Discord over the years, to share their thoughts on hexagons or otherwise provide feedback on this site or on my broader hexagonal work. It has meant a lot to me to learn that there's other ppl out there who share my peculiar fascination with this shape and its broader philosophical and ontological implications.

As Terence McKenna used to say: May you be alive at the end of the world!