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This intriguing hexagonal wind power project out of Japan came to my attention recently. Its precise details elude me, as the website is not particularly informative, but it seems to involve forcing air down some sort of central column and compressing it into a turbine on the ground, This evidently has advantages over conventional wind turbines. I'm not sure. But it involves HEXAGONS.

The important thing to note here is that the tower's hexagonal shape is a perfect example of the superiority of this geometry. The hexagonal sides minimize building material, maximize structural integrity and open space, and ensure that wind can be absorbed from any direction. Indeed, it is hard to fathom how any other shape could even be considered for such a structure.

The press releases from this particular outfit seem few and far between, and go back to like 2006, so I'm not sure how off-the-ground the whole enterprise really is. If and when it is developed though, it will certainly prove to be merely the leading edge of a broader hexagonal energy revolution, as such geometries will no doubt play an important role in a variety of emerging energy architectures.

Indeed, it is possible that hexagonal technology will advance so rapidly in the future—as we approach the so-called Hexagonal Singularity—that we will learn to harness the energy of the hexagon directly for power generation, without having to resort to primitive thermodynamic processes at all.