Hexnet Hexagonal Tag Feed: hexagonal awareness A feed of tagged nodes. https://hexnet.org/blog The Hexagon <p class='quote'> &ldquo;We’re all going to be computers soon. Thank goodness.&rdquo; &ndash; Hans Oberlander </p> <p> <img src='/files/images/hexnet/don-hexagon.jpg' alt='Don Diablo presents The Hexagon' class='image-right'/> Exciting news everyone, </p> <p> Several weeks ago I was contacted regarding an opportunity for our involvement in promoting an upcoming show of hexagonal import being put together by <a class='ex' href='http://vsquaredlabs.com/'>V Squared Labs</a> for the Dutch DJ <a class='ex' href='http://dondiablo.com/'>Don Diablo</a>. I had of course never heard of either of these outfits before, and was hesitant to wade into artistic and cultural waters so very foreign to my traditional areas of expertise, but nonetheless it struck me as exactly the sort of aesthetic articulation of hexagonal principles that I'd been quite interested in pursuing for some time now, but which I'd hitherto lacked an appropriate outlet to engage in, at least on any meaningful scale. The show, appropriately titled "The Hexagon," involves a hexagonal visual synthesizer&mdash;which I'm told carries with it a number of important technical advantages in addition to its obvious aesthetic import&mdash;and will be be performed live for the first time at <a class='ex' href='http://www.freshtival.nl/'>Freshtival</a> on 19 May, in Enschede, The Netherlands. SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS if you're going to be in the Low Countries next weekend for some reason. </p> Tue, 14 May 2013 20:04:02 +0000 https://hexnet.org/content/don-diablo-the-hexagon https://hexnet.org/content/don-diablo-the-hexagon Hexagonal Awareness Month 2013 <p> Yes, I have returned from an AWKWARDLY LONG BREAK after my last blog post to once again announce HEXAGONAL AWARENESS MONTH. Since I do not, for the time being, want to be associated with this site at all, on any level, I have created a NEW SITE dedicated to this, the most glorious of all awareness months, mostly cobbled together from pieces of other sites I am currently developing. [Edit 2013-11: This is in reference to the previous, Drupal 7 version of this site, let us never speak of it again. The present incarnation is in fact mostly derived from the HAM site, which itself is no longer maintained and will be merged back in with the Hexnet site at some point. [Edit 2014-02: The HAM site has been slightly rehabilitated in anticipation of this year's festivities, and there are no immediate plans to eliminate it. Though it is still pretty lame.]] </p> <p> It is fairly minimalistic, both like, in the good way, and in arguably the bad way. I am aware that the "forum" in particular, though keeping with the overall minimalism of the site, does not really come close to the baseline standards people expect from web fora in this day and age. Nonetheless it seemed preferable to confusing people with the "post index" terminology I have used here. I remain committed to my vision of content sites where there is no underlying difference between blog-style posts and forum-style posts, and look forward to more effectively implementing this scheme in the future. [Edit 2013-11: I no longer adhere to this paradigm at all, and have no intention of implementing it now or ever.] </p> Thu, 21 Feb 2013 16:12:16 +0000 https://hexnet.org/content/hexagonal-awareness-month-2013 https://hexnet.org/content/hexagonal-awareness-month-2013 Hexagonal Awareness Month 2012 <p> I am informed by <a class='ex' href='http://university-records.com/post/18463243944/march-is-hexagonal-awareness-month'>some interblags</a> that March is Hexagonal Awareness Month. After some reflection, I have decided that yes, we will go with this. </p> <p> HAPPY HEXAGONAL AWARENESS MONTH. </p> <p> Please spread the word far and wide, that all may learn of hexagons and be aware of them. Also, feel free to use this tasteful logo I just made to celebrate this august occasion. </p> Fri, 02 Mar 2012 17:16:51 +0000 https://hexnet.org/content/hexagonal-awareness-month-2012 https://hexnet.org/content/hexagonal-awareness-month-2012 Our new hexagonal robot overlord <p> <img src='/files/images/hexnet/hexagonbot-inline-1.png' title='Hexagonbot' alt='Hexagonbot' class='image-right'/> Good news everyone. </p> <p> After literally hours of research and development at our new GLOBAL HEXAGONAL HEADQUARTERS in Worcester, Massachusetts, Hexnet is pleased to announce the release of the world's first fully-automated hexagonal awareness retweeting service: <a class="ex" href="http://twitter.com/hexagonbot">Hexagonbot v.1.0</a>. </p> <p> Hexagonbot is a companion service to our <a class="ex" href="http://hexagonalawarenessproject.tumblr.com/">Hexagonal Awareness Project</a> reblogging blog on Tumblr, and is part of a broader effort by the global hexagonal community to bring hexagonal services to a variety of blogging and social media platforms. </p> <p> Hexagonbot implements a proprietary algorithm through which it downloads a feed of hexagon-related tweets, and then retweets them. It's a very sophisticated process. Hexagonbot is not currently programmed to interact with other Twitter users in any way, though we anticipate this functionality may be added to future iterations of the platform. </p> Sun, 03 Jul 2011 18:53:14 +0000 https://hexnet.org/content/our-new-hexagonal-robot-overlord https://hexnet.org/content/our-new-hexagonal-robot-overlord New hexagonal awareness blog <p> We have launched a new reblogging blog on Tumblr for the purpose of raising hexagonal awareness and hexagon-consciousness among the Tumblr community. Going forward, I expect this blog to be an important aesthetic precursor to the eventual promulgation of HEXAGONALISM as a self-sufficient artistic tendency. </p> Wed, 02 Mar 2011 02:41:24 +0000 https://hexnet.org/content/new-hexagonal-awareness-blog https://hexnet.org/content/new-hexagonal-awareness-blog